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Buddy Series Holiday Gift Release

When it Comes to Comfort and Joy, Mr. Heater's Portable Buddy's Are Annual Favorites on Holiday Gift Lists

Cleveland, OH (September 30) - When the snowflakes fly and the wind chill dips, "tis the season to be jolly" at Mr. Heater Inc., manufacturers of the popular Portable Buddy Propane Heater.

Ever since Mr. Heater introduced indoor-safe portable heating technology in 1999, the “carry anywhere” Buddy has earned its place on holiday wish lists from Minnesota to Maine.

The secret to the Portable Buddy's success was the development and design of a radiant heater with built-in safety features that automatically shuts the heater off if there is not adequate air ventilation in enclosed spaces or if it is tipped over.

"The ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor) was a major innovation in helping to prevent carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning," states Dennis Pavan, who manages Campsafe.org, a camping safety information Web site. "The Portable Buddy has enabled anyone who enjoys camping, hunting, and ice fishing to have a safe way to heat their tents, cabins, and truck caps without the dangers of CO.”

As the popularity of the Portable Buddy grew each season, so did Mr. Heater's product line.
Now there are three Buddys:
  • The Little Buddy, a 3,800 BTU/HR compact heater that mounts on a 1lb. disposable propane cylinder for heating small hunting blinds and ice fishing pop-up shelters.

  • The 9,000 BTU/HR Portable Buddy, which was redesigned this year with enhanced features, includes a larger heating surface, fold-down handle and swivel-out fuel connection. The connection allows for easy installation of disposable 1 lb. propane cylinders and optional hose attachments for up to 120 hours of extended use with 20 lb. LP tanks.

  • The 18,000 BTU/HR Big Buddy, the largest of the Buddy Series introduced in 2005, has become a reliable temporary heat source for chilly cabins, RV's, workshops and power outages. It also features a battery powered blower fan and operates up to 220 hours with optional hose connections for 20 lb. LP tanks.

All of the Buddys include the ODS safety feature and have been certified indoor-safe by CSA International.
"The holiday season is one of our busiest times," comments Jeff Mack, Mr. Heater’s President and COO. "It's amazing to see how many people today have more than one Buddy. We’re also seeing a number of Buddy owners replacing their older models with this year's new design.”

Portable Buddys are available at outdoor, hardware, home center and farm-related retailers with suggested retail prices ranging from $65.00 for the Little Buddy to $99.99 for the mid-size Portable Buddy and $129.00 for the Big Buddy. “For people who work and play outdoors, our Buddys are a great way to add warmth to the holiday giving spirit,” adds Mack.

For more information about Mr. Heater's full line of heating products, contact Dennis O'Toole at 800-251-0001 or visit mrheater.com. For hi-resolution photos, email requests to nkiley@bflcom.com
About Mr. Heater. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Mr. Heater Inc., a subsidiary of Enerco Group, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of gas-fired portable heating products, propane hose connections, fittings and accessories.

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