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Can you connect a remote tank and hose to the MH15 tank top heater?

No, you can not connect this tank top heater to a remote tank because the one pound tank that screws into this heater is also the standing support for holding this heater.

Can you convert the Buddy heaters from liquid propane to natural gas?

No, these heaters are certified for the liquid propane and can not be converted. Also the way they are manufactured the built-in regulator and orifices do not have natural gas components to convert them.

Why can the Buddy heaters be used indoors safely?

There are a couple of required safety features needed for ventfree heaters to be used indoors safely. A BURNER that is 99.9% efficient at burning all the gas is consumes so that very little CO or carbon monoxide is emitted. The heater also requires a ODS or Oxygen Depletion System that will shut off the heater if the Oxygen level drops to a still safe 18%. Because these heaters are portable, they also require a TIP SWITCH so if it they are knocked over the gas flow stops shutting off the flame and gas. Last there is a FLAME SENSOR safety shut-off system that will shut off all gas flow if the flame goes out.

How do I return my heater to Mr. Heater?

If your product was purchased through a retailer and you are not satisfied with your purchase, return it to the retailer within the first 30 days of purchase. If the retailer will not honor the return, contact our Customer Service team at 800-251-0001 for possible exchange of the heater. All returns must be authorized in advance of the product being returned to our facility. Upon contacting us for authorization, we will issue a return merchandise authorization number (RMA#) and instructions on how to return the product. Proof of purchase will be necessary for any returns or exchanges with either the retailer or Enerco Group Inc.

If your heater is out of warranty and is not working to your satisfaction, you may either contact an authorized Service Center for repairs (a search is available on the Service Center page) or review the manual for your heater on the Service Manuals page.

For full details or to download a copy of the RMA form, please click "read more" below.

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