Convection Heater Troubleshooting

6/25/2014 1:00 PM

For information on troubleshooting your convection heater, please download the troubleshooting guide.

Unit will not light Igniter sparking no flame 1 Supply tank valve off Turn valve on slowly than fully
2 Air in new tank Allow several minutes to purge air with pilot valve depressed
Pilot lights but goes out when safety control valve is released No flame or flame goes out 1 Regulator going bad Replace
2 Thermocouple not located correctly in burner or connection to safety valve loose Align or finger tighten connection than 1/4 turn more
3 Thermocouple defective Replace
4 Safety control valve bad Replace
5 Pilot too short or very yellow Clean pilot orifice and tube
Burner goes out All flame missing 1 Regulator going bad Replace
2 Dirt or bugs in venturi Clean with low pressure air and pipe cleaner
3 Windy location Block from direct wind
 Disagreeable odor   1 Painting or cleaning products in use give off hydrocarbon vapors that cause aldehydes when contacting heated surfaces. They give off very disagreeable odors. Should not be used in areas with flammable chemicals in use, paint, lacquer or parts cleaners
Flame appears mostly yellow on MH80CV   1 The MH80CV operates with more yellow in the flame than the MH200CV Unit is working properly
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