HERO Cordless Troubleshooting

7/10/2014 6:45 PM

For information on how to troubleshoot your HERO cordless battery powered forced air propane heater, download the troubleshooting guide.

Motor starts, unit will not ignite No spark 1 Igniter wire not connected Remove back and reconnect
2 Improper igniter gap Readjust to .050/.055
3 Peizo bad Replace safety gas valve/piezo
Spark is present 1 Insufficient propane supply Check propane tank for fuel turn valve on tank slowly when opening
2 High limit assembly or wiring connections bad Clean or replace
3 Nozzle dirty or clouged Clean or replace
No flame  4 Gas supply not turned on Turn on propane source
Motor does not run or runs at slow speeds Spark is present 1 Worn, binding motor shaft bearings Replace motor
2 Blade on motor bent or hitting housing Replace motor
3 Low or no voltage Check battery supply source for 12 VDC or plug in power cord
Motor does not start Internal Causes 1 Wires disconnected or loose Check wire connections
2 Low voltage supply Check electrical supply source for a minimum of 11 volts DC
3 Bad on off switch Replace switch
4 Bad circuit board Replace
5 Defective motor Replace
Motor runs Safety control trips out 1 Defective high limit control Jump connections on thermo couple if it works replace high limit switch
2 Faulty safety control/printed circuit board replace
Motor runs No flame, unit sparking, gas ok 1 Orifice restricted or blocked Clean or replace
2 Orifice worn Replace
3 Gas valve defective or cloughed Clean out valve or replace
Motor runs burner shuts off when safety valve button released No heat shuts off 1 Poor electrical connection on thermocouple Clean and sand electrical connections to thermocouple or replace
2 Poor connections or bad high limit control assembly Clean and sand electrical connections or replace
3 Loose thermocouple connection to valve Finger tighten and than use wrench turn 1/4 turn more
4 Safety control valve bad Replace
Improper, poor flame appearance, low output Makes a smell burns eyes 1 Improper gas pressure Replace regulator
3 Plugged fuel orifice Clean
4 Obstructed air inlet or exit Check for blockage, clean
5 Propane tank getting low Refill
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Melissa Sawmiller