Vent Free Troubleshooting

6/25/2014 12:43 PM

For information on troubleshooting your Mr. Heater Ventfree, please download the troubleshooting guide.

When igniter button is pressed in, there is no spark at pilot 1 Igniter electrode positioned wrong Reposition electrode
2 Igniter electrode is broken Replace pilot assembly
3 Igniter electrode not connected to igniter Reconnect igniter cable
4 Igniter cable pinched or wet Free igniter cable if pinched by any metal or tubing and keep igniter cable dry
5 Broken igniter cable Replace igniter cable
6 Bad Piezo igniter  Replace Piezo
7 Low or missing battery Replace battery
8 Ignitor cap is bad Replace igniter cap
ODS/pilot lights but flame goes out when control knob is released 1 Gas supply turned off or equipment shutoff valve closed Turn on gas supply or open equipment shut-off valve
2 Control knob not fully pressed in while pressing ignition button Fully press in control knob in pilot position while pressing ignition button
3 Air in gas line when installed Continue holding down control knob and repeat ignition operation until air is removed and pilot remains lit
4 Not holding control knob down long enough Hold control knob down 30 seconds
When igniter button is pressed in, there is a spark at the ODS/pilot but no ignition 1 ODS/pilot is clogged Clean ODS/pilot (see manual cleaning and maintenance page 11)
2 Gas regulator not working Replace gas regulator
3 Control knob not in pilot position Turn control knob to pilot position
4 Control knob not fully pressed in Press in control knob fully
Burner does not light after ODS/pilot is lit 1 Control knob not pressed in long enough After ODS/pilot lights, keep control knob pressed in for at least 30 seconds
2 Equipment shut-off valve not fully open Fully open equipment shut-off valve
3 Dirty or partially clogged ODS/pilot Clean out the pilot tube (see cleaning and maintenance in your owners manual page 11)
4 Control valve damaged Replace control valve
5 Regulator bad Replace regulator
6 Gas supply missing Check for gas flow
Delayed ignition of burner 1 Burner orifice is clogged Clean burner orifice (see cleaning and maintenance in owners manual on page 11), or replace burner orifice
3 Inlet gas pressure is too low Contact local gas company
4 Regulator bad Replace regulator
Burner backfiring during operation 1 Burner damaged Replace burner
2 Gas regulator defective Replace gas regulator
3 Inlet gas pressure is too low Contact local gas company
4 Plaque damaged on IR heater models Replace burner assembly
Burner plaque's) do not glow [infrared only] 1 Control knob set between numbered positions Turn control knob until it lines up with numbers for desired setting
2 Internal gas pressure is too low Replace heaters gas regulator
3 Inlet gas pressure is too low Contact local gas company
4 Air in gas line Bleed air from gas line or have the gas line checked by local gas company
5 Air passageways on heater are blocked Observe minimum installation clearances (see figure 4 on page 6)
6 Dirty or partially clogged burner orifice Clean burner orifice (see cleaning and maintenance on page 11 in operators manual) or replace burner orifice
White powder residue forming within burner box or on adjacent walls or furniture 1 When heated, vapors from furniture polish, wax, carpet cleaners, ect., turn into white powder residue Turn heater off when using furniture polishes, wax, carpet cleaner or similar products and clean residue regularly to prevent permanent stain
Heater produces unwanted odors 1 Heater burning vapors from paint, hairspray, glues, etc. Ventilate room and stop using odor-causing products while heater is running
Moisture/ condensation noticed on windows and cold surfaces 1 Not enough fresh air is available Open window and/or door for ventilation
Heater produces a whistling noise when burner is lit 1 ODS/pilot is partially clogged Clean ODS/pilot (see cleaning and maintenance, page 13)
Gas odor even when control knob is in OFF position 1 Gas leak Locate and correct all leaks (see checking gas connections, page 8)
2 Control valve is defective Replace control valve
Gas odor during combustion 1 Foreign matter between control valve and burner Take apart gas tubing and remove foreign matter
2 Gas leak Locate and correct all leaks (see checking gas connections, page 8)
Heater produces a clicking/ticking noise just after burner is lit or shut off 1 Metal expanding while heating or contracting while cooling This is common with most heaters but If noise is excessive, contact qualified service person
Heater shuts off in use (ODS operates) 1 Not enough combustion/ventilation air Refer to fresh air for combustion and ventilation, page 3 through 5
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