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When I turn up the thermostat to start the heater, the exhaust fan comes on for about 30 seconds but than the nothing happens and the green LED on the circuit board flashes three times?

First locate the plastic tube that connects into the exhaust motor, the other end of this clear tube connects to the pressure switch. Remove the clear tube from the exhaust motor and find a drill bit or a nail about the same size as this tube and push it into the tube to clear out any obstructions. This usually takes care of this coded problem.

I can not get my heater to come on. There is no green light on, on the circuit board.

Be sure the power to the heater is on and that the gas valve is also on.

Only the exhaust fan comes on and the burner doesn’t.

If this is a new instillation there may be air in the gas supply line, have it bled off. Also be sure there is no blockage in the exhaust piping or birds nest in the outside exhaust outlet.

The green light is flashing slowly but my heater is not turning on.

Check your connection at your thermostat. Check for broken wire to the thermostat. Be sure the temperature setting on the thermostat is higher than the temperature of the room.

When the fan starts-up it makes a noise and the unit vibrates.

Make sure all hanging hardware is tight. With the power off check the fan and blade on the outside of the heater to see if it is loose. If the vibration happens when the unit first starts up the exhaust fan blade might be loose.

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