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I can not get my heater to light even the pilot will not light.

First be sure your supply tank has been turned on slowly to prevent the excess flow valve from reducing the flow of gas. If you are using a newly filled propane tank it may have air trapped in it. Hold the safety control valve in for several minutes to help purge this air and than retry.

The pilot will light but goes out when I release the safety control valve.

Be sure the thermocouple is in full coverage from the pilot flame. There could be some blockage in the pilot tube that needs to be cleaned out. (Spiders can get into this tube quickly and reduce or completely block the tube.)

Once the pilot is lit the main burner will light than all the flame goes out.

The regulator could be bad. Dirt in the main burner orifice could be blocking the flow of gas. Be sure to use the properly sized tank for your heater. (A minimum of a 50# tank should be used)

The flame appears mostly yellow.

On the MH80CV the flame will be mostly yellow. The MH200CV should be mostly blue.

My heater is smoking and leaving soot behind.

On the MH80CV the unit will also burn less clean the lower you turn the gas control valve. It is most efficient at the high setting.

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