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I can’t get my pilot to light.

Check to see if the supply tank valve is open. The pilot tube or gas orifice may be blocked by spiders or mud wasps, clean if blocked. The supply tank may be low or out of gas. Be sure the igniter is operating.

My pilot will not stay lit after I release the knob.

Check for dirt build-up around the pilot. Check connection between gas valve and pilot assembly for tightness. Thermocouple could be bad or too far from pilot flame. Check the connections and location of the tip switch.

The pilot lights but the burner will not light or is burning unevenly.

Be sure the control knob is in ON position. The gas pressure in your tank may be low, replace. There might be a blockage in the gas orifice feeding burner, clean. The main burner head's burner holes might be dirty. Clean them out.

The burner flame is low and not putting out very much heat.

If the outdoor temperature is lower than 40 degrees F. and the tank is less than a ¼ full there may not be enough pressure to get proper operation from heater. Try using a full tank. The supply hose from the tank to the burner might be kinked. Carbon might have built-up on burner from blockage in supply line or orifice.

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