Mr. Heater's King of the Lake 2017 Event

Welcome to the 2018 Mr. Heater King of the Lake Competition!!

The competition this year has changed! We would like to invite ice fisherman who fish in Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin to compete for the largest fish from each category. This year we expanded the species from just Walleye to include Crappie/Blue Gill, Perch and Pike for even more chances to win great prizes and up to $8200! Each week a participant will win $200 by having the biggest fish overall in each category across all the states. Those with the biggest fish per category per state will receive some really cool Mr. Heater merchandise! As a bonus, there will also be a Slam that runs along with the weekly competition. Submit your largest fish from each of the four categories and win $1000 at the end!

Participants should pre-register by filling out the form below. After registering, you will receive an electronic copy of the required token via email (or it can be downloaded from this site) to print out.  Once the competition begins, fisherman are welcome to fish any DNR approved lake in the 6 designated states.  When a fish is caught and measured, participants will take a photo of the fish on a measuring board with the 2018 King of the Lake Token clearly visible, fill-out the submission information about the fisherman and the catch (lake, length, etc.) and upload a photo. At the end of every week, the largest measured fish for each category will become King of the Lake and win $200! At the end, the person who has the largest registered Slam will win $1000!  For the submission form, please see the side menu or click here. Please see the Rules and Regulations for full details concerning participation requirements.

King of the Lake King's Court King of the Lake Current Kings King of the Lake Royal Slam

A member of the Ice Team caught a Walleye

states map

Below are the 6 designated states for the 2018 King of the Lake competition. Any DNR approved lake from each state are eligible to fish at this year. Please click the states below to see if the lake you fish is on the list!

  1. Iowa
  2. Michigan
  3. Minnesota
  4. North Dakota
  5. South Dakota
  6. Wisconsin
To participate, you will need the following.
Details on the Rules & Regulations page.
  • Measuring Board
  • Appropriate Ice Fishing Gear
  • Mr. Heater King of the Lake 2018 Token
  • Pre-register on the form below

Fill-out the form to pre-register for updates on the King of the Lake events and to receive your token via email.


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Official Token (shown below) will be emailed to the address you provide for download.
King of the Lake Token