Big Maxx Troubleshooting

7/10/2014 9:40 PM

For information on how to troubleshoot your Big Maxx heater, download the troubleshooting guide.

Exhaust fan comes on burners don't light and after third attempt unit shuts down and gives 2 flash code on circuit board 1 Igniter not sparking Replace control board
2 Igniter sparking but gas valve not opening Check power to gas valve if 24-27 volts AC, gas valve bad, if no voltage control board bad
3 Gas supply missing or shut off Be sure your gas supply is available and gas valve switch is ON
Only blower fan runs 1 Wrong wiring connection to terminal strip The thermostat connection on the terminal strip should be R & W,  the G terminal is for blower only
Exhaust blower fan runs but no heat 3 flash code on circuit board 1 Pressure switch tube into exhaust fan blocked Clean tube into exhaust fan
2 Exhaust blocked or pressure switch bad Check exhaust venting, replace sw.
3 Circuit board bad Replace control board
LED light off on the control board 1 No power Use the W and the R terminals for hooking up a thermostat rated for 24 volts AC - Not R and C
2 Be sure you have 110VAC to heaters 2-black wires and 3-white wires
3 Check for 24 volts AC at terminals R and C. If missing check fuse if ok replace transformer
4 Check 3 amp fuse on circuit board
5 If 24 volts is present replace control board
Exhaust fan comes on burners don't light unit shuts down and gives 4 flash code on circuit board 1 Roll out sw (s) need to be reset or heat exchanger limit sensor bad Push reset button between wires on roll out switch (s) or check for open circuit on heat exchanger limit switch
All burners light up for 10 seconds and go out 1 Flame sensor not sensing flame Check to be sure all burners lighting, if yes, clean or replace flame sensor
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Melissa Sawmiller