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Big Buddy Portable Heater

Item #:F274800 Model #: MH18B
Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Propane Heaters are the Most Popular Portable Heaters in America.

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The Most Popular Portable Propane Heater in North America. This patented radiant 4,000-18,000 BTU Liquid Propane heater connects directly to two 1 lb. cylinders and is the perfect solution for heating enclosed spaces like cabins up to 450 sq. ft. An integrated fan increases the heating capacity of this unit, blending radiant and convection style heat to give you the best of both worlds. Two swivel regulators give you the ability to adapt usage from disposable cylinders to a remote gas supply with the purchase of a single hose and filter. To light the unit, simply push and rotate the knob. The built in Piezo sparking mechanism will take care of the rest. With the Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) and accidental tip-over safety shut-off, you can be sure that you will enjoy years of comfortable indoor safe heat.
    • 4,000, 9,000, or 18,000 BTU per hour
    • For use with propane gas
    • Heats up to 450 sq. ft.
    • Single control start knob
    • Hi-Med-Low heat settings
    • Swivel regulators
    • Automatic low oxygen shut-off system (ODS)
    • Accidental tip-over safety shut-off
    • Connects to two 1 lb. cylinders
    • Connects to a 20 lb. cylinder with optional hose
    • Fan operates on 4 - D batteries or AC adapter, both sold separately
    • The distinctive RED Mr. Heater Buddy that has delivered comfort and safety for decades.

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Additional Information

BTU per Hour 4,000/9,000/18,000
Heating Area (Sq Ft) 450
Tank Capacity (Min) 2 x 1# Propane Cylinder
Run Time (Hrs at Max BTU)
Run Time (Hrs at Min BTU)
Fuel Consumption/Burn Rate (Gal/Hr)
Electricity Required No
Maximum Elevation (Ft) 7,000 Feet
Weight (Lbs) 17.10
Model MH18B
Oversized No
Length 19.00
Width 12.00
Disclaimer Not for sale in Massachusetts or Canada.
Use Emergency Heat, Tents, Campers, Workshops, Job Sites, Porches, Patios, Decks, Garages, Storage Buildings, Picnics, Tailgate Parties, Construction Trailers, Sporting Events, Barns, Sheds, Hunting Blinds, Shelters, Ice Fishing Shanties
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Thermostat No
Safety Tip-Over Switch Yes
Fuel Type Propane
Heat Type Radiant
Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) Yes
High Limit Safety Shut-off (HLS) No
Indoor Safe Yes
Ignition Piezo
Hose & Regulator Included Sold separately

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Customer Reviews

Best portable heater ever
Review by Bdemann

I cant believe i still have this unit 4 years now ive own my mr heater and havent had any issues at all. This unit keeps my garage perfectly warm. I always have friends amazed on its performance. It could be 40 degrees outside and have it 70 degrees in my garage. Not only is it so safe with all its safety precautions it really fuel efficient. I highly suggest getting if your in the market for a portable heater. I love the electric blower fan festure too moves the air rapidly getting the room hotter and faster. 5 stars grest work on its design and ease of use.

(Posted on 12/1/2018)
Best heaters in the USA
Review by Steve

I'm in real estate property management and have many cabins in the mountains of WNC from Flat Rock to Balsam which is about 6000 feet. Have been using Buddy heaters for over 8 years and have not had one failure. Justnrecently purchased my first Big Buddy 18,000 btu and had to review it. It's as awesome as the rest. Puts out an amazing amount of heat and the fan is a plus! Will be buying many more as I also just recently discovered the customer service is as great as the product! We went through several different makes of heaters in the beginning but have only Mr Buddy heaters now as they are completely reliable and knowing there is first class customer service means that buying them is a no brainer! Best heaters we have or could ever own!

(Posted on 1/13/2018)
Great for all season use
Review by Josh

I’ve looked at the buddy series for years in sporting good stores but now I have a hunting buddy and big buddy was comparing the price for the big buddy at tractor supply and feild and stream I had feild and stream do a price match and they did tractor supply’s price and mr heater makes good heaters and the service is good.

(Posted on 12/30/2017)
Great for all season use.
Review by Mike

I've used the Buddy heater for several years but now have this Big Buddy model.
I like the adjustment levels from 4k to 18kBtuh. Saves on fuel and keeps temps were I like them.
You can buy others but the Mr Heater brand has a stellar track record in my opinion.

(Posted on 11/12/2017)
Finally made the purchase
Review by Mike

Been wanting this heater for several years and found it at a great price almost $50 bucks off MSRP.
Brought in the house which was cold as we had not yet lit the gas floor furnace this season.
Installed two bottles and set it to high on the front porch for a few minutes to burn off.
Set up in the house, it remained on high for 6 hours getting the chill out of everything then turned down to medium until it flamed out about 2 hours later.
I know the safety sensor works because the unit shut down once about 5 hours into the burn and was re-lit 30 minutes later.
Don't believe we'll be using it as the main heat source but it will be nice in the back end of the house to heat the den/office room.
Impressed already. Mr Heater is good stuff.

(Posted on 11/6/2017)
A lifesaver
Review by David

During one of the coldest stretches last winter, my heater went on the fritze. As an act of desperation I bought a Big Buddy heater from a local retailer. My hope was only that it would heat the house enough to prevent the pipes from freezing. I was amazed that it kept the house almost as warm as the broken wall mounted heater. I'm currently shopping for an RV and I was surprised at how much an RV furnace cost (the RV I'm looking at has a broken heater) Rather than spend as much as 900 dollars for a new heater, I know my Big Buddy heater will keep the RV toasty warm.

(Posted on 9/11/2017)
We are impressed!!!
Review by LISA

We got this heater last winter as we are on a fixed income and was looking for a heater we could afford that would last us and not break the bank in propane bills. Well this is winter 2 with the big buddy!!!! And boy has it ever impressed us !!!! I have a 32 foot RV and been using the Mr. BUDDY BIG BUDDY heater..on a 20lb tank. This heater was economical (on a below freezing day 20lbs at 8$ lasted 3 days ! It kept my entire 32foot RV comfortable thru out ! And this is on tough heater!!!! We've tried electric, infrared and other propane heaters. NONE of them have the results the big buddy did !! Thank you Mr.Heater you have a happy satisfied couple!!! But we look to get another in the future ...with the big buddy we know we are safe as well as staying on budget !!!!

(Posted on 3/4/2017)
Review by Robert

I live in Denver. I live in a fixer upper house. Have been relying on electric heaters. Due to our recent temps they have been running non stop. I bought a Big Buddy 3 weeks ago and have kept it on low. When home or at work. In a 1 week period I had a 20lb rank last 8 days, and I was running it often. And I am also running it off of a 35lb rank now with the unit installed regulator and with the Propane filter. Love this thing. I do primitive winter camping in southern states, I mean for 3 & 4 months at a time. I will be taking this thing with me.

(Posted on 12/22/2016)
With my Big Buddy along for the trip I know my family & I are going to be comfortable regardless of how cold it is outside...
Review by John

I am 62 and still very active. I have had the comfort of my Mr. Heater unit while hunting, camping, prospecting, fishing and just sitting around in my "Man Cave" getting ready for or just getting back from an adventure in the wilderness. I am being as honest and clear as I can because this product, in fact their entire product line deserves my diligence. I simply have not had a reason to ever complain about any of the products I have purchased and have extensive experience with. I have the most experience with this heater and can honestly tell you that I wouldn't change a thing. Mine is approximately 3 1/2 years old now and continues to satisfy my needs. Another thing I truly like about this is how conservative it is with fuel. I have had many other brands over the years that all barely lasted a season with me. Since I bought this one I don't even consider other makes. I know a good thing when I see one and this is the real deal!

(Posted on 10/11/2016)
Always works
Review by Gene

I don't usually take the time to write reviews, but I always read them. For this product I took the time, it gets chilly where I live in Canada and we do many outdoor activities including working. When I use the Big Buddy when we go sledding we throw it in the trailer if its -25 to -35 to warm up the sleds before starting them to help with the start. For ice fishing it lasts a long time in the hut an provides safe, convenient heat. You won't go wrong with this product, I've had mine for 4 years and love it. Trust a Canadian

(Posted on 9/23/2016)
Easy to use
Review by Alice

I am a single, older woman. Our power can go out for days at a time when we have snow storms. I bought this a few years back after a storm knocked my power out for about 4 days. My temperature got down to 40 degrees in my house. As soon as the power came on, I ordered this heater. I have mainly only used it to test it every year. It is easy to use, and I have no problem getting it started. It certainly gives me peace of mind to have it, just in case. I have both a 20 lb propane tank and keep the little screw in propane tanks as well. Never use the big tank without ventilation.

(Posted on 1/25/2016)
Excellent product for the money. Works as described.
Review by martin

Purchased this unit to heat a school bus for when we compete in BBQ contest and it has preformed flawlessly. Excellent product.

(Posted on 11/22/2014)