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To place an entry submission, fill-out the form below.  Be sure to add the clearest image possible of your catch with the submission token fully visible.  Submissions will be reviewed on Monday, February 11th, 2019 following the end of the competition and winners will be announced by 5:00pm EST Wednesday.

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    By checking this box you are confirming that you have officially registered for the King of the Lake competition. You are either 18+ years old or have had a parent or legal guardian register on your behalf.

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    This is from nose tip to end of fin with fin open in inches and up to 2 decimal points. Do NOT include the inches symbol. Thank you.


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Many will enter few will win. Tournament standings, contingency awards and final winners shall be determined by Mr. Heater. Only standard strains of walleye, perch, pike and crappie native to the 6 states will be considered. Fish will be measured on the longest straight line using an approved measuring device. Winners will be notified via various social media outlets and by the information provided on the submission form. Submissions will be reviewed on the Monday following the first full week of competition. The winner of the weekly “King of the Lake” as well as the single biggest fish of each category that week will be selected on the Wednesday following the first full week of the competition. Participants may only win a species category 2 out of the 6 weeks. The winner of the Slam Grand Prize will be selected on the first Monday following the end of the tournament. Token identifiers must be visible in all SLAM catch photos. NO EXCEPTIONS. If a person deemed to be a winner is unresponsive or unreachable after a “reasonable” amount of time determined by the tournament director, the participant in second place will then be notified they are the winner. This will continue down the line until a winner is contacted. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 or older to receive cash prizes or have signed permission from a parent or legal guardian. Employees and partners of Mr. Heater are not eligible. Registration Required. Read official rules before entering.