Tip for Catching Blue Gills and Crappies

2/7/2019 12:02 PM

Tip for Catching Blue Gills and Crappies by Scott Seibert

As the ice season gets longer and we get more thicker ice and deeper snow we will loose oxygen levels in the shallow bays. Fish will start to move out to the deeper weed lines and deep water basins where the water may be warmer and have more oxygen. I look at for 12-15' weed lines that have greener weeds (Underwater camera is a key tool for finding green weeds) these weeds will hold Gills all day and attract Crappies towards the evenings. I will also look at 20-30' basin holes these will hold Crappies. I like a 24-26' light action rod/reel combo (Quantum Glacier XT) spooled with Clam Frost mono Ice 3lb test and my go to lure is a Red glow #10 Drop kick jig tipped the 3 colored Euro larvae. I will also try using a plastic 1" White Maki minnow threaded on the Drop Kick jig.


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Scott Seibert