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Cleveland, OH, June 18, 2014 – BaseCamp Outdoor SystemsTM from Enerco Group Inc., makers of the Mr. Heater® line of consumer, commercial and construction heating products, announces the debut of the Aquacube® Series III portable hot water generator and shower.

As the most advanced product of its kind, which is both digital and cordless, users can easily dial-in the output temperature for instant results. With a water source and a one-pound propane cylinder, a fully charged unit will release hot water at the touch of your fingertips – even in the most remote places.

In addition to a built-in rechargeable battery, the built-in gas regulator provides enough heat for 8, 5-minute showers from one convenient, space-saving cartridge. Other features include:

• Built-in rechargeable battery.

• LCD display.

• Dual outlets – adjustable on and off shower and faucet outlets.

• Built-in regulator runs unit off #1 cylinder.

• Silicone hoses with quick connect fittings.

• Stainless steel finish.

• AC and DC adaptors, shower and pump assembly, and carry bag.

"The Aquacube® Series III is an innovative product with a durable battery, delivering up to 40 minutes of use, along with an adjustable temperature range of 45 F (for a maximum of 122 F). This item is ideal for our customers, who demand the best performance and reliability from the gear they use," says Jeff Bush, Senior Vice President of Sales and

Marketing for Enerco Group Inc.

About Enerco Group Inc. Enerco Group Inc., based in Cleveland, Ohio has been at the forefront of infrared combustion technology since 1955. This market leading technology has allowed Enerco to build expertise in consumer heating products under its Mr. Heater® brand as well as heavy duty and construction heating products under its Heatstar brand. Enerco’s BaseCampTM Brand was launched in 2011 to develop and deliver innovative products to the camping and sporting goods market.

Enerco is a proud Cleveland Corporation with over 120 dedicated employees and a 150,000 square foot manufacturing facility and a 170,000 square foot distribution facility. The manufacturing facility serves as the Corporate Headquarters and houses their extensive engineering and quality departments. For more information about Enerco, please visit

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