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Plan An Epic Hard Water Season Early

11/14/2019 6:15 AM

We don’t have the luxury of trolling around in a boat finding fish for a while, but we do have the amazing ability to walk on water! If I don’t plan out my winter trips now I fear that winter will slip away and that ice will be melting before ya know it. so I intend to plan as many ice fishing trips as I can before the ice even setts up. Planning my trips now is like rolling out the carpet for my big winter adventures! not to mention securing a hotel or cabin can be impossible last minute, so no time like the present. here are a few Ideas to inspire you.

First Ice, this is a great time to plan a group outing share that first ice time of the year, fishing with your friends and family while staying safe in numbers. Spud bar and throwable flotation device are prudent always but ever more so on first ice. There are all kinds of resorts in the ice belt that would love to rent a cabin right on the lake and sharing the cost of a cabin can be cheaper than renting a hotel. so as the ice starts setting up you start setting up your plan for that unforgettable first ice of the year extravaganza!

Have a mid-winter plan. make this winter memorable with an ice fishing trip that's sure to deliver! Sometimes that means getting out of Dodge, going to a lake that consistently produces fish, putting your gear to the test it was made for! make those plans to those places where everyone talks about, almost like they don’t really exist, catching your limit in a few hours. Places like The North West Angle, Lake Winnipeg or perhaps Tobin lake in Saskatchewan Canada. memories like these are priceless and last forever! You know it will be cold so plan this trip with the hardcore fellow ice anglers, you know the ones that don’t just have a shelter and a buddy heater, they have multiples of everything. Things can fail under extremely cold conditions so be prepared. Don’t make it unforgettable for the wrong reasons. Its all in the palm of your hands my friends just google these places or others you may have always wanted to go and begin your journey.

End of the Ice fishing season, I told ya it's over before ya know it! The fishing is great this time of year so all the more reason to plan an adventure. The weather is warming up, ice holes are getting bigger and the fish have there feed bags on, soon the fish will be spawning and it could be the last time out on the ice for the season. so whether you choose a trophy fishing destination or stick around home to fish local lakes the odds are in our favor this time of year. So make a plan. This is a great time to bring along novice anglers, younger anglers, or perhaps Grandpa and Grandma.

I don’t know about you but I’m always comparing my ice fishing season to the last one and especially the best one, But even before the hard water season begins the plan is that it will be the most epic one I’ve ever had!

Captain Shelly Holland

Ice Team Pro

Mr Heater Pro

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Shelly Holland