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Radiant Heat vs Forced Air Heat

3/5/2019 1:11 PM

Radiant heat dispersion pattern

Radiant Heat Features 

Radiant heat technology uses infrared heat energy from a radiant burner to heat people or objects placed in its path. Similarly, the sun radiates heat to objects without interference from wind. 

  • Point and heat! Heat people or objects directly in front of the heater 
  • Positive heat recovery. Heated objects will remain heated even when exposed to wind 
  • Efficient heating. Heated objects will retain heat longer than the surrounding air 
  • Quiet source of heat 
  • Available for use with a thermostat





                                                                                          Radiant heat raises the temperature of people & or objects in its path.



Forced air heat dispersion pattern

Forced Air Heat Features

Forced air or convective heat technology works by blowing heated air into an enclosed space. Forced air heat is able to quickly and efficiently heat a space but, this heat can be lost quickly if cold air is introduced into the space for any prolonged period of time e.g. repeatedly opening and closing your garage door. 

  • Heats a space quickly and efficiently 
  • Effectively circulates air in the space
  • Quickly heats larger spaces 
  • Disperses heat evenly throughout a space 
  • Available for use with a thermostat

                                                                                                                    Forced air heat circulates warm air in an area to

                                                                                                                    quickly and efficiently heat a space.            

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