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Bus Life Adventure was created by professional snowboarder Brock Butterfield. When Brock was younger his parents instilled in him some very good habits and traits. Work hard, don't buy something you don't have the money for and live within your means. As a kid he hated all of these traits mainly because he'd watch his childhood companions get almost anything they wanted without having to work for it. However, as he became an adult he realized that those traits have been the foundation to his success and alternative look on life that he currently has.

The Tiny House movement is in full force and has always fascinated Brock. Growing up with a hammer in his hand working for his Dad since he was just seven gave him a large background in construction and fine wood working skills. With a Computer Science degree and over four years working at the Sundance Film Festival, Brock used these skills and set out to document converting a school bus into a Tiny Home that would house up to six guys for one winter. Backed by a Kickstarter campaign he has filmed six web episodes that started premiering October 2015 based around snowboarding and living in the bus with five other guys along with a documentary about the conversion and living full time in the bus which is now live and free online to watch.

Brock is now converting his second short school bus and will be living in it full time chasing storms in the winter and meeting others in the summer who live full time on the road in vehicles of their choice. You can read the blogs on others he has met living in converted vehicles here. Brock also donates his time to give advice and guidance to those looking to build their first mobile home on wheels.



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