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Danell Lynn an adventurer and Guinness World Record globe trotter. She is the first solo-woman ever to break the world record for Longest Journey by Motorcycle in a Single country (BlackTie2BlackTop). She currently holds that record with 48,600 miles. Growing up as an athlete in multiple spots when she transitioned into motorcycling it seemed only fitting that she would go big.

Danell was the sole female rider in The Ride of My Life - Cambodia Documentary, and is the female rider for expedition Expedition Electric. She continues to do humanitarian work throughout the globe with her foundations Threading Hope and Highwire. She has traveled to more than 45 countries and has a life goal of keeping the number of countries visited larger than the number of her years on this earth, and believes in a life fully lived!

She was the founding editor of 2 Wheeled Wanderlust the Magazine and was a contributing columnist for Mainstream Magazine – Philanthropy-Mainstream Cares, previous Lifestyle Editor and Destination Columnist for Phoenix SportBike Magazine, and Arts Editor for The Noise Newspaper. She is the author of Philanthropic Wanderlust, Purposeful Wanderings, and a Cultural Coloring book series for children. 

“ I was born the youngest of three children, on August 28th. Through exotic foods, custom clothing, handmade furniture... the arts have surrounded me since inception. The lyrical form took shape as I began to scribble lines that created words. In elementary school I belonged to Young Authors and won selected publications. I continued to write for Museum openings, docent catalogs, as an Arts Editor for 45,000+ distribution, online freelance work, Philanthropy Columnist, books and more. 

Travel became a large part of my life from an early age. We would pack the car and go to national parks in the summers.  Spend hours playing in the dirt and watching our fishing line bob as we got nibbles. In 6th grade we moved to Europe which opened an entirely new world of travel, and in 8th grade humanitarian projects began and experience started to paint the canvas for the life I am to live.

I am an adventurer, a writer, an educator, an artist, a designer, and I believe that you can be all these things and still have passion. Life is a passion of mine and travel creates the script for my life...please enjoy the acts that I have created in my play. 

Let the Show Begin.... and continue...”



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