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I grew up with all brothers and a family full of avid hunters. I however, was your cheerleader on the sidelines and the girl who spent every weekend at dance competitions or out with my friends. It wasn’t until my late teens that I decided to see what all the hype was about and go out on my first deer hunt. Being the only girl in the family I really just wanted to prove myself and go out and shoot the biggest buck-- for bragging rights of course, but once I really started putting in my time in the stand It didn’t take me long to pick up on what being in the outdoors was really about. There was something so thrilling to me about waking up early and getting ready to head out on a hunt. My passion for deer hunting quickly grew into a passion for anything that had to do with the outdoors whether it was fishing, predator hunting, duck hunting, camping, or just shooting guns. I'm just an ordinary girl who lives on a farm in Oklahoma... Oh wait, I’m not ordinary because I love everything about hunting & the outdoors and to many people's surprise I’m still a "girly girl" but I’m the kind of the girly girl that can gut my own deer and bait my own hook!

After getting several years of hunting under my belt, I now spend almost every day either preparing for hunting season or taking on some wild adventure in the outdoors and trying my best to capture it on film so I can share it with others.



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