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Nate Zelinsky is a western angler based out of Conifer, Colorado where he owns and operates Tightline Outdoors, a premier fishing guide service and ‘The Authority in Western Outdoors”. Nate and his team of 5, guide on 17 bodies of water throughout Colorado.

In addition to his extensive knowledge of Colorado, Nate is very involved in the entire Rocky Mountain Region while also fishing all over the country. He has fished in national tournaments for over a decade as well at living in Minnesota for a bit. He does find life in Colorado mandatory due to his love with ice fishing! The extreme high country in Colorado will see ice as early as October and will often stay until almost June offering one of the longest ice seasons in the country!

Besides guiding year round, Nate stays busy as a weekly contributor to THE FAN OUTDOORS, a radio show on every Saturday on 104.3FM. Nate can also be seen on In-Fisherman and JEO Outdoors TV shows on a regular basis. On top of that, he does submit written pieces to publications such as In-Fisherman Magazine, Bass Anglers Guide, Colorado Outdoors, Coastal Angler Magazine, and many others.

Nate also hosts a variety of fishing tournaments throughout the year! Check out below:

  • Ice School – This is a 2 day, 20 person Ice Fishing School that runs almost every weekend from January 1st to March 1st
  • Ice Addiction Tournament Series – This is a massive 5 event Ice Fishing Tournament Series that is held in 3 states and has roughly 1,000 anglers per event
  • Walleye Insanity – This is a traditional style Walleye Tournament Series that highlights the Rocky Mountain Region in a 3 event series
  • Walleye league – With the current dwindling number of Tournament Anglers, Nate built this weekly league series to bring confidence to every day Walleye anglers and educate them on tournament fishing
  • Bass Obsession – Bass fishing is a large sport everywhere in the country including Colorado. There are five clubs and/or affiliates in the Rocky Mountain Region that holds tournaments however these anglers rarely fish outside of their club. Nate created Bass Obsession so all these anglers could compete in one event series without jeopardizing anything with the other clubs
  • Don’t Bash The Trash Carp Series – The Common Carp is looked upon as a trash fish in a large portion of America, however in other parts of the world it is the ultimate sport fish. Nate built this series to highlight the port fish quality of a Carp and to spearhead his campaign on teaching youth to fish for Carp. The numbers of youth anglers are dropping and one of the main reasons for that is the average youth angler does not have a fishery near them with a good population of Panfish, Trout, Bass or a fish to target. However, the odds that they have a body of water near them with Carp is highly likely. Nate is hoping to educate these youth on Carp and help increase the number of youth anglers.



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