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Unauthorized Sites

There are a host of ways scammers will try to trick you into interacting on fake websites. It's important to verify that you are on the legitimate site of the merchant you are searching for to shop.

The most important feature to double check is the url itself. Is it just the company name? Do they utilize something else?

You can verify in a few ways: 

1. Double-check any manuals or packaging you have from their product(s) for the url.

2. If you are familiar with their social media, check to see what links they have posted to their sites.

3. Do a Google search of only the brand name and check the top results for a branded website. Look for copyright information in the footer.

4. Check the Privacy Policy on the site for actual contact information. Often scamming sites will drop off any form of email or address but leave the rest of the content to look more legit. Accurate policy information should contain contacts for certain inquiries.

5. Compare pricing from the site you are on to other retailers who carry their brands. If it is exceedingly low compared to most other retailers, it is most likely a scam to try to gain your credit card information.

6. Does the website have a company address, phone number, email address, or form (or all of these options) available for contact?

7. Does the url begin with "https"? If it is "http", then it is most likely not a secure site. Your browser toolbar will often display a message that indicates if a site is not verified or secure.

If you have any questions, please feel free to click here to submit an inquiry via our Contact Us form or to call us. Thank you and safe shopping this holiday!