Golf Cart Heater

The patented Golf Cart heater is mounted to the top of a 1lb propane bottle and rests in a cup holder in your golf cart. The unit features a wind resistant burner and pilot system for optimal heat output in windy conditions and when the golf cart is moving. It also features a unique safety tip over switch that minimizes nuisance shut-offs when driving on bumpy cart paths. The integrated handle and cup holder adapter make this unit easy to transport and compatible with most golf cart cup holders. With the oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) you can be sure that you will enjoy years of comfortable safe heat.

Golf Cart Heater FAQs

What is a Safety Tip-over Switch?

A safety tip over switch is a small device inside the heater, that, when the heater is tipped more than a specific number of degrees from upright, will turn the heater off.

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What size propane tank can I use?

Only use 1lb bottles with this heater.

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How long does it operates on a 1lb cylinder?

Operates up to 5.5 hrs, on a 1lb cylinder.

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Can I use this heater indoors?

This heater is for Outdoor use only. The Tip-Over switch equipped in this heater is a 90 degree catastrophic switch, meaning it could fall over and continue to burn unless it hits or goes past a 90 degree angle. This is to compensate for the constant rocking and tilting when the golf cart is in motion.

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Are there any safety features I should know about?

The heater has an Oxygen Depletion Sensor, a flame sensing thermocouple, a tip-over switch, and a wind resistant protective screen.

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I hear a rattling noise when I move my heater. Is there something broke?

The sound you hear is the ball bearing in the tip-over switch.

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I can't get a pilot flame, what can I do?

Clean the pilot assembly. To get to the pilot assembly you have to remove the four screws on the back of the heater.

1. Remove the grill.  It is held in by tension and there are 3 small prongs.  Pop them out either wtih your fingers or a small screw driver.

Golf Cart Heater Remove Grill

2. Remove the 4 screws behind the head of the heater with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Golf Cart Heater 4 Screws

Golf Cart Heater 4 Screws

3. Remove the guard and the ring then pull back on the windshield to reveal the pilot assembly.

Golf Cart Heater Pull Back Windshield

4. Using a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol, twist the swab into the pilot tube 2 inches to the bottom of the tube.  Let it soak for 20 seconds, then twist while removing.  Follow by blowing through a straw into the hole to remove any remaining debris.

Golf Cart Heater Pilot Tube Cleaning

It may take a couple tries to clear out a blockage or insects for the pilot flame to work.

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Do you need to order parts?

For your convenience please enter your serial number below to access Mr. Heater’s interactive schematic & parts ordering system. This system will allow you to browse your specific product schematic to order the correct service parts as well as download a complete manual for your make & model year.  If your product was produced any year prior (2011 and earlier), please call our Service Department at 1-800-251-0001, where our technicians will gladly assist you.

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