MHUniversity Hot Water Heaters

The BaseCamp B.O.S.S Water Heaters/Showers are the most advanced, portable hot water generators in the world. Simply charge the internal battery using the AC adapter or DC cigarette lighter, drop the pump in a bucket of water, press the ignition button, and dial in your temperature for a great shower anywhere. Or if you have dirty dishes simply select the faucet outlet and you can direct the water from the showerhead to the attached faucet for cleaning hands, dishes, and whatever else you get dirty while out in the field. With the B.O.S.S all you need is a charged battery, water, and a 1lb. propane cylinder to have hot water at your fingertips in even the most remote places. DIGITAL. PORTABLE. CORDLESS. POWERFUL.

B.O.S.S. Hot Water Heater/Shower Systems FAQs

What is the maximum source water temperature?

The highest should be 60 F or below.

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What is the temperature rise from source water?

The temperature rise goes from 35F to 42F from source water.

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What are the flow rates for the showers?

XCW20= 0.66 to 1.18 Gallons per minute
XW18= 0.66 to 1.18 Gallons per minute
XB13= 0.6 Gallons per minute

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Can I use river water or ocean water in my shower system?

Do not use water direct from rivers, lakes sediments from these bodies of water can damage the pump and the appliance. Do not use in the ocean in which saltwater can damage the pump and the appliance.

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What is the maximum run time on a full charge?

XCW20= 40 minutes, XW18=30 minutes, XB13= 75 minutes on D cell batteries.

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What is a Safety Tip-over Switch?

A safety tip over switch is a small device inside the heater, that, when the heater is tipped more than a specific number of degrees from upright, will turn the heater off.

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What is a High Limit Safety shut-off?

A High Limit Safety is a switch located inside the device which will turn it off if the internal temperatures of the device rise above a specific level.

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