MHUniversity HERO Cordless Heater

The HERO is the First Cordless Forced Air Heater in the world featuring Quiet Burner Technology. This propane powered forced air heater no longer has to be tethered in one area. Cut the cord for a full 8 hours on a single 5 hour charge for the 35,000 BTU or a full 4 hours with the 60,000 BTU model. Or better yet, use an additional battery for the MH60CLP for a full 8 hours as well (additional battery sold separately). Powered by propane and a 12v lead acid battery, this is the future of jobsite heat. Equipped with Patented Quiet Burner Technology, this heater burns with 50% less noise, making the jobsite safer and enabling you to work with a little more peace and quiet.

HERO Cordless Forced Air Propane Heater FAQs

Why doesn't my heater come with a hose and/or regulator?

Your heater may not include a hose and/or regulator because it is not required for the product to function. Or there may be multiple options available in regards to the length of the hose, what length you need, etc.

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What does the heating area square feet mean?

Square footage is the length of an area times the width of an area. Knowing the square footage of an area allows you to estimate the amount of BTUs necessary to heat the area most effectively. A generally accepted formula is: Square Footage x 40 = required BTUs. This is just a starting point. Ceiling height, building layout, and level of insulation will also factor into your BTU needs.

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The motor starts on my heater but no heat comes out?

Check to see that your propane supply tank is turned on. Listen for the sound of the spark igniter, it should make a fast ticking sound (Piezo igniter for the 35CLP so only one spark), if it doesn't replace igniter.

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How long does it take to charge the battery? How long is the run time?

MH35CLP charge time is 5 hrs. MH60CLP charge time is 1battery (5hrs) 2 batteries (6hrs). MH35CLP run time is 8hrs. MH60CLP run time is 1 battery (4hrs) 2batteries (8hrs).

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What is the maintenance for the rechargeable battery during the summer season?

It is recommended that the internal battery be maintained on a constant maintenance charge by leaving it plugged into a 120V power source. If constant maintenance charging is not possible, it is recommended that the battery be fully charged every 3 months.

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What is the pn# for the replacement battery?

The pn# is F227964 and you can order it at

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What is a High Limit Safety shut-off?

A High Limit Safety is a switch located inside the device which will turn it off if the internal temperatures of the device rise above a specific level.

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Do you need to order parts?

For your convenience please enter your serial number below to access Mr. Heater’s interactive schematic & parts ordering system. This system will allow you to browse your specific product schematic to order the correct service parts as well as download a complete manual for your make & model year.  If your product was produced any year prior (2011 and earlier), please call our Service Department at 1-800-251-0001, where our technicians will gladly assist you.

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