MHUniversity Portable Washing Machine

BaseCamp washing machine products allow even the most rugged traveler/camper to enjoy clean clothes while they are spending time with nature. These products are both lightweight and portable, yet deliver the power to dig in and efficiently clean clothes. Ezywash...Your fellow campers will appreciate the investment!!

Portable Washer FAQs

What is the load capacity for the washer?

It has a 4.40lb wash capacity.

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Does this heater work on DC voltage?

It has a 120V AC operation or can be used with a DC to AC power inverter.

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What are the wash time for the heaters?

On Delicates its 3-5 minutes, Cotton is 5-9 minutes, Towels and Heavy Soiled are 12-15 minutes.

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What type of Detergent can you use?

Use only HE Detergent.

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Portable Washer Manual

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